HP-LP-3512/VRC Multi Band Low Profile Antenna

HP-LP-3512/VRC Multi Band Low Profile Antenna

200W Multi Band Antenna With Multiple Radio Capability

Built on the strong foundation of Shakespeare’s patented Broadband technology, the HP-LP3512/VRC provides gain comparable to the legacy AS-3900A/VRC in the 30-90 MHz frequency range. Also providing coverage of the EPLRS, public safety and commercial interoperability frequencies, the HP-LP3512/VRC allows the capability for a high power, 200 watt antenna for tactical and security applications.

The HP-LP3512/VRC provides excellent compatibility for multiple radios utilizing various combiner multiplexers already fielded. Mechanically, this antenna meets or exceeds MIL STD-810, as well as self aligning connectors and survival of the harshest mechanical test, the OAK BEAM IMPACT Test. See HP-LP3512/VRC Multi Band Low Profile Antenna Data Sheet for more information.

  • Lower vertical signature
  • Instantaneous bandwidth: 482 MHz
  • No tuners or operator intervention required
  • Excellent compatibility for multiple radios
  • Low profile


383 Green, Tan, or Black


200 Watts 50% duty cycle


-6 to +9 dBi (30-512 MHz)

Dual feed

Optional with Diplexer

Polar plots on request.
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