WB-3512/VRC Broadband Antenna (30-512MHz)

WB-3512/VRC Broadband Antenna (30-512MHz)

At Shakespeare, we don’t compromise.  We’re committed to building the best antennas on the market, and there’s no room for anything less than perfection. For over 50 years Shakespeare has provided the U.S. Military with reliable, innovative and battle tested antennas.  Now, we have made our legendary SFB even better.


  • Pultruded Radomes/Whips
    • Shakespeare has replaced the old composite fiberglass sticks with more modern and advanced sticks produced through a pultrusion process. This process provides a lower cost product, with better cosmetics, and produces equal or better strength.


  • Redesigned Far-Field Elevation Pattern Control
    • Shakespeare has redesigned the method of antenna surface current control, resulting in more RF radiation sent to the horizon. The new elevation control method is easier to manufacture, thus also lowering cost.


  • New UHF Band Element
    • Shakespeare has improved the performance on the horizon by adding a UHF sleeve element which improves the radiation patterns in the UHF frequency range.


  • Improved Wide Band VSWR
    • Shakespeare has also improved Wide Band Voltage Standing Wave Ratio, over the entire 30-512 MHz VHF/UHF band.


Model WB-3512
Application Vehicular/Mast
Frequency     30-512 MHz
Impedance 50 Ohms
Gain -5 to +4 dBi
VSWR 3.5:1 or less
Polarization Vertical
Pattern Omni Directional
Connector N, BNC (Diplexer)
Color Green, Black, Tan
Power 100W


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