Universal Clamp Mount – Compatible with all vertical and magnetic loop antenna.

Dimensions 6″ x 4″ x 4″


Versatile Clamp 3/8-24″ Mount

The Super heavy-duty SKP UCM Universal Clamp Mount, is the first ham radio antenna mounting system, purposely designed for extreme portable operations. This is a rugged, robust product, intended to support considerable antenna loads.

The Easy up UCM lets you easily mount your antenna, to virtually any flat surface. The UCM mounting base is fabricated from a massive 6061 aluminum extrusion channel. With its wide 2-1/2” lip, this innovative product is designed to clamp on surfaces up to 3-1/2” in height/thick. The extraordinary quality & structure of the extrusion is almost 1/4″ thick.

All the vital hardware is brass. The grounding lug is ¼-20” brass, with all brass hardware; creating a low-resistance path from the coaxial connector to the grounding lug. All other hardware is stainless. Each UCM comes standard with a 3/8-24″ Stud Mount for the antenna.

Portable operation with the ultimate antenna mounting convenience is made possible with the SKP UCM Mounting system. You get the convenience, and flexibility needed for portable operations.