Telescoping Stainless Steel Whip

Model CHA SS 17
Length 27″-17′
Frequency     Varies with Configuration
Power 250W


Telescoping Stainless Steel Whip Antenna 28″-17′ 

The CHA SS17 is a rust-resistant 10-section stainless steel whip that extends to 17′ and collapses to 27″.  The CHA SS17 is equipped with a 3/8×24 mounting stud for easy mounting to other Chameleon products such as the Hybrid Mini or Hybrid Micro.  The CHA SS17 is a component of the CHA MPAS LITE and CHA TDL antenna systems.  The CHA SS17 can also easily operate as a standalone full quarter wave from 6M through 20M with manual adjustment without the need of a loading coil.

The CHA SS17 can be combined with the CHA MIL EXT 2.0. to create a 28.5′ extended whip.  Additional guying support is highly recommended for this configuration.  The CHA UGS guy kit is ideal for this purpose.