SFB3512BN/VRC Multi-Band Antenna

SFB3512BN/VRC Multi-Band Antenna

9.16′ 30-512 MHz Broadband Antenna

Whether used in battlefield, tactical, or C3I conditions, Shakespeare’s broadband antenna technology will provide maximum performance for the latest multi-mission radios from the leading US and international manufactures. Shakespeare’s fiberglass military antennas have won praises from US and NATO military forces for exceptional durability and strong communications capability.

Now, Shakespeare is providing exceptional gain and instantaneous bandwidth performance for the 30-512 MHz spectrum in a completely passive application. No tuners, band switching, or operator intervention required. The SFB3512/VRC is designed to meet and exceed the rigors of MIL STD-810 tests for mechanical and environmental characteristics, as well as SINCGARS standards for tactical survivability, In addition, highvoltage power line protection built in.

The SFB3512/VRC family is the ideal choice for the demanding multi-mission radios. It fits all existing tactical mounting, and it provides lowered vertical signature by replacing multiple antennas. The antennas unique electrical design allows exceptional LOS and BLOS communications, even in the harshest conditions.

  • Lower vertical signature
  • Instantaneous bandwidth
  • No tuners or operator intervention required
  • Excellent compatibility for multiple radios



SFB3512BN/VRC Broadband Specifications




75W continuous


-1db to +4dbi (see chart)


30-512 MHz@3.5:1 VSWR or less (see chart)


4.5” BHC Flange – fits standard SINCGARS BHC

Dual feed:





Measured antenna LOS gain when referenced to a resonant 1/4-wave whip antenna in the center of a 10′ x 10′ ground plane 10’ above earth ground, per US Army specification.
Guard band and cross over band for dual feed diplexer
Max gain is above the horizon between 10° and 85° with average gain between +3 to +6 dBi.


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