MP-3512 TGDP (30-512MHz) Dipole

Model MP-3512 TGDP
Application Manpack
Frequency     30-512 MHz
Impedance 50 Ohms
Gain -30 dBi to -2 dBi
VSWR < 2:1 across band
Polarization linear
Pattern Omni Directional
Connector Male TNC
Color Black
Power 30W
Type Dipole


Telescoping Mast 15′,20’or 25′

The CHA PORTA MAST – HF Beams are Not Recommended!

Small UHF/VHF Beams With Short Booms are OK!

Please read wind loading on PAGE 11 of the USER GUIDE!

The CHA PORTA-MAST is a heavy-duty telescoping mast made with industrial strength, aircraft grade (6005T6) anodized aluminum. It is designed for semi-permanent installation at home or temporary installation with a recreational vehicle at a park or campground, see plate (1), with no guy wires required. When installed at your home, it is HOA friendly because it can be lowered, so it is less than eight feet tall, or removed from the mount completely, and laid on the ground. It can even be camouflaged by adding a flag! The interlocking sleeve mechanisms between each section make it easy to raise and lower the telescoping mast. The mast is strong enough to mount several antenna configurations at the same time, such as a wire HF antenna plus either a VHF/UHF Yagi and a rotor or a high-gain VHF/UHF vertical (see specifications for details).

The CHA PORTA-MAST is available in three lengths: 25, 20, and 15 feet. The 25 and 20-foot masts are made from 12 gauge aluminum, have four sections, and have a base diameter of 3 inches. The 15-foot mast is made from 14 gauge aluminum, has three sections, and a base diameter of 2 1⁄2 inches. The top section of all three masts has a diameter of 1 3⁄4 inches.

The 3″ sleeve is only used if you are putting the mast into the ground for the 20′ and 25′ masts. OPTIONAL

The 2.5″ sleeve is only used for the 15′ mast. It is used for any of the mounts to insert into the 3″ sleeve that comes with the mounts! OPTIONAL

2.5″ Mounting Sleeve

3″ Mounting Sleeve

There are a variety of CHA PORTA-MOUNT options for the CHA PORTA-MAST. Semi-permanent home installation is accomplished using the supplied in-ground sleeve or with an optional Deck or Side Mount, for mounting to a structure. Temporary RV-style installation requires either the optional Wheel Stand or Hitch Mount.

Antennas and antenna accessories built by Chameleon Antenna are versatile, dependable, stealthy, and built to last. Please read this operator’s manual so that you may maximize the utility you obtain from your CHA PORTA-MAST.




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