Modular Mast Accessories

Shakespeare Part Number Product Diameter Payload Base Tube Diameter Finish
SHK-WBA-AS15 1.5″ Antenna Stub 1.5″   Black Anodize
SHK-WBA-AS20 2.0″ Antenna Stub 1.5″   Black Anodize
SHK-WBA-P225 Platform for 2.25″ Tube 2.25″   Black Anodize
Drive on Stand        
SHK-WBA-DONP Drive On Plate   3.5″ Black Anodize
Hitch Mount 2”        
SHK-WBA-HTCH 2″ Hitch Mount     Black Anodize
Vehicle/External Mount        
SHK-WBA-SHBT Shelf Bracket   3.5″ Black Anodize
SHK-WBA-SUBT Support Bracket   3.5″ Black Anodize
Quick Connect Adaptor        
SHK-WBA-SQCS SHK Quick Connect     Black Anodize


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