Integrated Push Up Mast System

Introducing the new Shakespeare Modular Integrated Push Up Mast System.   This is a push up system that is small, lightweight and easy to deploy.  Unlike other masts this system can be setup and deployed with only one person.   Shakespeare has developed several small, rugged and high performing antennas that can be attached.  This will also soon be available with a “T” bar giving you the ability to mount up to three different small form fit Shakespeare antennas to the mast or both of the WB-3512 and HP-69270 LTE-VRC antennas.



Model SHK-WBM-0030 SHK-WBM-0024 SHK-WBM-0016 SHK-WBM-0007
Extended Height 30ft 24.3ft 16.4ft 7ft
Nested Height 6ft 9in 5ft 9in 5ft 4in 3ft 5in
Payload Capacity 20lb 20lb 20lb 20lb
Approx Weight 36lb 29lb 19lb 15lb


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