HS-2774-1-R Wide Band VHF Shipboard Antenna

HS-2774-1-R Wide Band VHF Shipboard Antenna

6.4′ 136–174 MHz, 125W Shipboard Broadband VHF Antenna

Whether used onboard ship or on tactical base stations in environmentally harsh locations, this antenna provides military and commercial radio users with a high performance, broadband design built to critical specifications.

Shakespeare’s Model HS-2774 Broadband antenna is designed specifically for today’s high-tech communications systems for military, commercial, law enforcement, and disaster preparedness applications. The HS-2774 offers VSWR of less than 2:1 across the 136-174 MHz VHF band, providing nominal 4dBi gain across the entire band. RF power up to 125 watts continuous is no problem.

Shakespeare has achieved a unique patented electrical design requiring no tuning or ground plane to put the power pattern on the horizon at any frequency in the band. The antennas allow high grade communications across this normally hard-to-cover band. The antenna is designed to meet or exceed the rigors of MIL-STD-810 testing for both mechanical and environmental characteristics. Model HS-2774 is designed for mast mounting.

  • 136 to 174 MHz
  • Built to handle continuous duty cycle at maximum input power
  • Exceptional performance
  • Extreme environmental tolerance
  • Special sleeve for mast mounting
  • Built to handle continuous duty cycle at maximum input power
  • Shakespeare’s unique design is protected by U.S. Patent # 5.982,332

NSN: 5895-01-465-5994




125 Watts max., continuous duty cycle


On the horizon
@ 136 MHz +3.3dBi
@ 154 MHz +4dBi
@174 MHz +4.3dBi



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