Collapsible Broadband Monopole Antenna

Model CHA MIL 2.0
Length 9’4″
Frequency     28-54 MHz
Power 250W


9’4″ Folding Whip Element

The CHA MIL 2.0 whip is a broadband monopole antenna designed for portable or manpack radios requiring compact but rugged antenna systems.

If used in a stand-alone setup the antenna will cover 28-54 MHz with an external antenna tuner. To enhance RF propagation and antenna performance a ground plane is required.

Its design has been borrowed from similar antennas utilized by many armies all over the world. The CHA MIL 2.0 is very hardy, sturdy, and portable (being collapsible). Un-mounted the entire antenna length is less than 20”. The 7 brass sections 17″ long each is held together by a piece of military shock cord.

This is an excellent add-on for the CHA HYBRID, CHA HYBRID-MICRO, and the greatly popular CHA MPAS.


  • Height: 9’4”
  • Mounting Configuration: 3/8-24 Thread

The antenna system consists of:

  • 1 X CHA MIL 2.0 made of seven 17″ sections made of tapered brass.