Collapsible Antenna Extension for the CHA MPAS 2.0. Four Sections of 28″ Long Each

Model CHA MIL EXT 2.0
Length 8.79′
Power 250W


8.79′ Extension Whip for MPAS 2.0-Can be utilized with MIL Whip 2.0

The CHA MIL EXT 2.0 whip has been designed to offer maximum portability and performance for those already using the portable CHA MIL 2.0 whip for man-pack antenna system.

This collapsible antenna extension needs to be used with the CHA MIL 2.0 to create an 18’2” long portable antenna. When combined with any HYBRID series antenna bases (like the CHA HYBRID-MICRO or HYBRID MINI from the CHA MPAS 2.0) the CHA MIL EXT 2.0 will operate at all frequencies in the 1.8-54 MHz band without any adjustment with most modern external antenna tuners.

These four 28” sections of ¾” diameter of aluminum alloy tubing are designed for portable HF communication where rapid deployment and simplicity of operation are essential but compactness is primordial.

The aluminum tubing walls of the CHA MIL 2.0 is thicker and stiffer than the previous version 1.0. Also, the joint inserts and the main tubing are made of a single piece thus reducing the losses.

This is an EXCELLENT add-on for the CHA MIL 2.0


  • Mounting Configuration: 3/8-24 Thread
  • Length Collapsed: 28.1″
  • Length Extended: 105.5″

The antenna system consists of:

  • 1 X CHA MIL EXT 2.0


  • For short-term deployments in humid or wet environments, it is only necessary to wrap each whip joint with good-quality electrical tape which can be easily removed at the end of the deployment.
  • For long-term installations, the use of Ideal NOALOX Anti-Oxidant Compound or other similar products to maintain the efficiency of aluminum radiator connections is recommended. The compound acts to prevent oxidation of the bare metal joints and reduces the galling and seizing of the bare metal joints. Apply a coat of compound to the bare metal at each whip joint and wrap it with good-quality electrical tape.