CHA HPD (High Performance Dipole) wire set for CHA TD 2.0 2 X 108′ long wire. Compatible with CHA TD 2.0.

Length 108′ x 2
Frequency     1.8-54 MHz
Power 500W SSB or 250W CW 100W Digital
Impedance 50 Ohm


Enhanced Performance Wire Kit for TD 2.0

Employing the optional High-Performance Wire kit (CHA HPD) as either antenna or counterpoise wires will also increase the gain, see figure gain graph above. Based upon the antenna model, simply using the high-performance wire kit (CHA HPD) in place of the standard counterpoise wires increases the gain below 14 MHz an average of 2.6 dB, while still making the antenna easy to deploy, since the counterpose wires may be run in any convenient direction and do not have to be straight. All variations of the Sloping “V” / Inverted “V” antenna can also be installed without the terminated resistors. This can improve the performance of the antenna but may require the use of a tuner on most bands.

Modular Antenna Configurations

The two primary antenna configurations described in the User Guide are the Terminated Sloping “V” / Inverted “V” and the Terminated Sloping Wire configurations, but the CHA TD 2.0 is a modularly designed wire antenna system. This modular design enables the CHA TD 2.0 to be configured into more than a dozen and a half operationally useful antenna configurations using existing components and the optional High-Performance Wire kit (CHA HPD). The Tactical Dipole Modular Antenna Configurations table above shows other modular antenna configurations and variations not previously described. Refer to the installation procedures for the Sloping “V” / Inverted “V” or Sloping Wire Antennas for CHA TD 2.0 component connection details.

The antenna system consists of:  2 X 108′ Tinned Copper KEVLAR PTFE (Teflon) (-70°C to 150°C) wires