950-203000-1-1 3M 2″ Rolatube™ Elevation System (Multicam)

950-203000-1-1 3M 2″ Rolatube™ Elevation System (Multicam)

Easy To Configure For Quick Deployment

This light weight, highly portable mast system has been developed for man-portable tactical use. Lighter than any comparable system currently available, the system may be used either fully extended or partially rolled out for shorter deployment length. Unlike metal or carbon composite masts, the thermal signature of BRC masts is minimal. This system can be used to extend antennas, cameras, sensors or most any device.

  • Reliable. No moving parts or joints
  • Lightweight: Small and compact, easily fits in a rucksack
  • Rugged: Thermoplastic composite design is highly resistant to impact
  • Proven: Over 1500 masts in service


203000/1/1 Specifications

Stowed Dimension:



2.55 lb


11 lb

Extended Height:

9.8’ (3m)

Max. Wind (guyed):

75 mph



See the Rolatube System Data Sheet or the Rolatube Brochure for further information.


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