4242-MK3 9.8′ VHF Broadband Antenna

4242-MK3 9.8′ VHF Broadband Antenna

9.8′ 30-108 MHz Center-Fed Dipole VHF Broadband Antenna

Shakespeare’s tactical vehicle antennas are advanced broadband, vertically polarized antennas for the VHF 30-108 MHz bands. Our most advanced designs, the 4242-MK2A and 4242-MK3, feature high performance in the 30-88 MHz band, plus an improved power rating. The 4242-MK3 covers the 30-108 MHz band.

These high-performance broadband antennas are ideally suited for use on personnel carriers, tanks, shelters, and other tactical vehicles. They maintain a VSWR of better than 3.5:1 over the entire frequency spectrum, and the bandwidth is instantaneous, with out the need for tuners or band switching. No operator intervention required.

Uniquely designed to meet the specifications for frequency-agile radios, the 4242-MK Series antennas are also compatible with fixed frequency transceivers, These passive antennas do not require tuning, band switching, a motor drive, a cable harness, or a DC voltage source to the antenna. Simply connect 50-ohm coax cable between the transceiver and the antenna. See 4242-MK Series And 4243 VHF Broadband Antenna Data Sheet for more information.

  • Complete compatibility with NATO and Free World Communications systems
  • Rolled thread taper-lock fittings for quick assembly and positive RF conduction
  • BNC female or Type “N” connector
  • Virtually indestructible, Xenoy® feed-thru base with flexible shock spring
  • Safety-engineered, upper section of antenna affords protection from electrocution in the event of powerline contact


383 Green, Black, Tan


100 Watts


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