Industrial Monofilaments

Shakespeare® Branded Monofilaments

Tire Cord

High performance nylon monofilaments for use in tire cord reinforcements. These monofilaments are engineered to meet rigid specifications and demanding performance requirements.


Nylon monofilaments used in hook and loop fasteners and polyolefin monofilaments for mushroom type fasteners. These fasteners are suitable for use in a variety of industrial and commercial applications.


Our monofilament products feature excellent biological and chemical resistance properties for filtration applications. For example, our monofilaments can be used in production of water purification fabrics as well as coal and zinc filters in the mining industry.

Narrow Fabrics

Our monofilaments are used in a wide range of narrow fabric applications including waistband stiffening, elastic bands and decorative ribbons.


Typical uses for braided monofilaments include wiring harnesses and reinforcement for hoses used in a variety of automotive, aerospace, material handling, food processing and medical applications.

Fishing Line

High quality monofilaments for both standard fishing line and the innovative new PVDF fishing line. Our fishing lines are now available under private labels.