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At Shakespeare, we believe a well-informed customer is a more satisfied customer. Our Youtube Channel makes it easier for boating enthusiasts and professionals to make educated decisions about marine communications and provides helpful advice on how to install our products. We’ve assembled a variety of videos for you to find an antenna that suits your needs, get installation instructions, and troubleshoot many problems.

Shakespeare Cellular Booster

CruiseNet Cellular Modems

Phase III Premium Antennas

Phase III Antennas Overview

Reflective Dockline

What To Look For In Antennas

How Antenna Height Affects VHF Reception

6- Vs. 9-dB Antennas In Rolling Seas

Comparing 3-, 6- and 9-dB Antennas

Eliminator Series Intermod-Filtering Marine VHF Antennas

Installing A PL259 Marine Antenna Connector

Troubleshooting Your Marine Antenna Installation

Marine Antenna Accessories

AIS Marine Antennas

Low-Profile VHF Antennas

Low-Profile VHF Antennas

VHF Marine Antennas