PV12i Fully Isolated Voltage Converter

PV12i Fully Isolated Voltage Converter

PowerVerter Fully Isolated Common Negative Voltage Converter

For high power audio, HF/SSB, and multiple loads applications.

  • Cool running
  • Power conversion efficiency typically 88 percent
  • Low-mass, Surface Mount Technology components for small size and resistance to vibration
  • Tamper proof, marine grade aluminum case sealed with nylon caps
  • Low off load current – less than 10mA
  • Quick fit installation clip, fixed in three points to allow mounting on uneven surfaces
  • True power conversion, not just a voltage dropper
  • Available in EU only


Shakespeare® PowerVerter PV12i Specifications

Max Load Current Continuous/Intermittent:


Case Dimensions:

167mm x 87mm x 50mm



Normal Input Voltage:

17-32 VDC

Output Voltage:

Half of input, never to exceed 14.4 VDC

Off Load Current:


Mean Time Between Failures:

162 years (HRD4)

Normal Operating Temps:

-25° C to +30° C


4 push-on 6.5mm connectors

Environmental Protection:

Dust, water and impact to IPS33

Technical Support

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