222-BA Classic SSB Antenna

222-BA Classic SSB Antenna

222-BA two-piece self-supporting SSB antenna

In service for more than 35 years, Shakespeare’s Model 222-B is not only world class, it’s the world standard. Designed for shipboard use, this heavy duty, two-section, 35ft fiberglass antenna also affords excellent performance on land.

Shakespeare inserts parallel copper conductors around the circumference of finest quality fiberglass for maximum strength and freedom from corrosion. Center fittings of stainless steel and acrylic coated fiberglass withstand the most rigorous marine environment. This side-fed antenna is bolted directly to the deck or platform, eliminating costly porcelain insulators. The base is made of galvanized steel, while the brass top cap is designed to eliminate corona at high power levels.


Classic 222-BA Specifications


Shakespeare white


5 KW (avg.) 2 MHz to 30 MHz


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