HDTV…for free? Time to cut the cord.

Most forget that watching TV started with no remotes, no subscription fees and no fancy satellite dish. Antennas were the magic by picking up local broadcast frequencies and they’re making a comeback, especially on the water for many boaters.

Of course, no one wants to purchase a High Definition TV and still deal with fuzzy, poor definition programming. So, what if you could keep your favorite shows in HD and save hundreds of dollars a year that would normally be spent on cable or satellite? With an HDTV antenna, you can.

Shakespeare’s 3019 SeaWatch Antenna

Advances in broadcasting and antenna technology allow you to keep up with your favorite shows while out on the water with your boat for the day. You can view them all in the same great HD picture that you enjoy from your couch at home. Imagine a day out with the family cruising the coves and still being able to watch the big game. Or even jumping in the RV for a weekend with the kids who can keep up with their favorite reality shows…all for free!

Before you make your decision to cut the cord, check out the DTV reception map on the FCC’s website to search free HD broadcast channel availability and strength for your area. You can search channels by city or zip code for greater accuracy. Based on this, the site will show you what networks are available on the air, their channel number and the strength of their signal.  TV Guide also has a mobile-friendly website that shows you what time your show is on and the channel that will air it. With these resources, you know in advance where to find your shows, even without a guide button on your remote.

Moving the antennas to the perfect angle on top of a box TV used to be an art to avoid a fussing static screen. With omnidirectional designs like the Shakespeare SeaWatch HDTV antennas, adjustments are a thing of the past. Shakespeare offers three options for bringing your TV on the water, with signal ranges from 15 to 75 miles in every direction, so you don’t miss out on the shows you love because you’re doing what you love.

Shakespeare’s line of SeaWatch HDTV Antennas

To decide if free HDTV is the right choice for your boat or RV, search your location availability through the FCC’s DTV reception map. To check your shows ahead of time, you can use TV Guide. Bring your favorite show wherever you go with Shakespeare SeaWatch antennas.